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Shintaiikudo is a martial art which combines Sabaki Karate (Omote no Sabaki) with Dhama Yoga and Nishi-shiki calisthenics (Ura no Sabaki).

Shintaiikudo was founded by the master Makoto Hirohara in Hiroshima in 1995.

Shintaiikudo does not conduct games and sparring in the training.

We focus on and practice the self-defense techniques and the health management method.

The training program consists of basic moves (12-shiki), blocking techniques (Uke), throwing techniques (Nage), striking techniques (Tsuki and Keri), prearranged kumite, kata (Sabaki no kata), and free-style Sabaki.

The practitioners can engage in the training in accordance with their ability.

We do not aim at learning "to win" but "not to be defeated" through the daily training.

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